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Foss Therapy Service's work in the fields of clinical oncology, medical research laboratories, bloodbanks, industrial radiation applications, and calibration laboratories is extensive.  Our experience spans 5 continents and 5 decades.  We have performed service on Teletherapy units and Irradiators at institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mass. General Hospital, UCLA, Univ. Texas Medical Center, City of Hope Cancer Center, University of Wisconsin, Aukland University and The Salk Institute.  We have provided equipment and upgraded systems at several calibration laboratories including KRISS, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Arpansa, and ANSTO.

In addition to our extensive work with Cobalt 60 Teletherapy equipment, over the last four years our focus has expanded to include sales, service, installation, and decomissioning of research irradiators, blood product irradiation units, and source calibration facilities - open beam, self-contained, and well sysytems.  Recently, we have developed the capabilty for field reloading/unloading of GammaCell 220 and JL Shepherd & Associates Model 109 Cobalt 60 Irradiators.

New Products

Foss Therapy Services, Inc. has developed the Model 812 Research Irradiator to meet the needs of its customers.   This  system delivers high dose rates to large samples with extremely low radiation levels to operating personnel.    Dose rates of over 4,000,000 R/hr are available.  This system is designed for field reloads with the FTS source exchange system.    The Model 812 has a stainless steel sample chamber, multiple sample positions, and a variety of accessories including dewars, test tube holders and heaters.

A single purpose Model 812 system is being developed for production facilities who need a system to deliver a  standard dose.   This unit will be simplified with fewer parts for greater reliability.

The Eldorado 78 Beam Irradiation System provides a High Curie Cobalt 60 beam with a variable collimator.  The system utilizes a ‘repurposed’ teletherapy head mounted onto a vertical stand.    The system was designed to be ‘Fail Safe’ as the source moves to the BEAM OFF  position in case of loss of power or loss of air supply.    Source Positioning / Dose Output has been  confirmed to be extremely reliable / reproducible  over the last 40+ years as a patient treatment system.

Another innovation is the field reloading of various  Irradiators.   We have developed the tooling required to perform this  procedure in order to decommission surplus systems or to renew the capability of existing units.

We will continue to develop products to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers.

Joseph S. Shepherd, President, has over 28 yeas of experience in the radiation device arena.  He is licensed to perform the following tasks: Source transfer procedures for Cobalt 60 and Cesium 137 sources.  Installation and servicing of Radiation devices, self-contained and open beam, Cobalt 60 and Cesium 137 up to 15,000 Curies.  Mr. Shepherd has additional expertise in Hot Cell loading and calibration of Cobalt 60 and Cesium 137 devices and sources to United States NIST Traceable standards.  Mr. Shepherd also has designed "The Cobalt Scalpel" Whole Body Radiosurgery System which has received its US FDA 510K clearance and has six US patents associated with its creation.