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GammaCell 220 Reload/Decom
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In 2010, Foss Therapy Services completed both a Gammacell 220 unload/decomissioning as well as a GC 220 source reload.  The decomissioning was at a technology firm in New Jersey was performed earlier in the year and went incredibly well.  Last year, FTS uploaded over 17,000 Curies of Cobalt 60 into a GammaCell 220 for an international laborotory in Vienna (Seibersdorf), Austria.  The procedure was a completed success with as source handlers receiving less than half of the expected/safe dose.  This procedure took over 2 years to develop and we are very proud to be able to offer these services to customers throughout the world.

Foss Therapy Services has developed the tooling and procedures  necessary to safely unload, reload and decommission the GammaCell 220 Irradiator on-site.   We have transferred our expertise in Cobalt 60 teletherapy unit service to field transfers for these irradiators.

The GC 220  system incorporates a source carousel which includes 48  openings for Cobalt 60 capsules.     A typical loading for the GC 220 system has 8 -16 sources.   Uploading of the GC 220 system is accomplished on-site utilizing shielded inserts and casks that have been developed specifically for this purpose.  

Our procedures allow for installation or removal of one source at a time via a shielded plug insert with multiple access ports, a lead/tungsten/steel source transfer cask and a  Type B/U Shipping cask assembly.   We provide all the necessary rigging equipment to perform the procedure.  The  sources are moved between the irradiator and the shipping cask without exposure to the environment.   A top lead / steel scattershield is included to minimize overhead radiation from the source transfers.

We can provide NEW Special Form Cobalt 60  Capsules for installation into the GC 220 units.  We can upload each unit up to the 24,000 Curie maximum loading.

We have developed tooling to 'free'  stuck sources  for decommissioning  purposes.  All proprietary tooling and procedures have been developed and tested at our shop,  and radiation levels have been calculated with a  50% safety  factor.

We would be pleased to assist you with any questions or inquiries. Please contact Joe Shepherd @  626 818 3880.

GammaCell 220 plug exchange