Foss Therapy Services, Inc.
Model 812 Irradiator
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FTS Model 812

Model 812 Irradiator
Control Panel

FTS has completed installation of  Model 812, s.n. 001 in May 2012.

The Model 812 system provides the following capabilities:

Maximum loading of 22,500 Curie Cobalt 60 (7500 Curies in each of three source tubes)

Maximum Dose Rate  > 680 Gy / min  (4.1 megaRad /hr)  to a 6cm wide a 26 cm tall planar sample

Maximum full volume sample – 200 mm dia. X  260 mm high.:    200 Gy/minute

Environmental radiation levels with MAXIMUM Loading:   Average of < 10 microSv/hr at the surface.

Maximum Readings to be < 25 microSv/hr @ 50 cm from the surface.

Stainless Steel sample chamber for durability and cleanliness.

Multiple interlocks (up to EIGHT)  on Chamber Access Door to prevent accidental exposures.

Motor Driven Door Actuator

12 RPM turntable drive motor to deliver an integrated dose (+ / - ~  22.5%)  for full size samples.

Two each 19 mm diameter Access ports with scatter shields.

Stainless steel full size sample canister.

Attenuators available:  Reduction factors of   X 2  X 4  and X 8

Other equipment:  Dewars,  heaters, stirrers,

System specifications:

                Dimensions:       105 cm diameter x 220 cm high

                Weight:                                7900 kg.

Power:                                 110v or 220 v  50 or 60   Hz.  15  Amps.
        (System operates on 24vDC power supplies) 

        Air Supply            100 PSI  10 CFM airflow

 Control Panel:                  Keyed Power switch with indicator light

                                          IRRADIATE and OFF switches with indicator lights.

                                          Electronic timer for PRESET  cycle operation.

                                          Individual Source s Selector switches with indicator lights.

                                          EMERGENCY OFF switch

                                          Individual INTERLOCK  indicator lights for troubleshooting.

FTS Model 812
Sample Chamber

FTS Model 812

Model 812 Interlock System