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Irradiator Dose Tracker
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Irradiator Dose Tracker
working with a GammaCell 40

The Irradiator Dose Tracker, first introduced in 2010, is a flexible computer interface which can be added to most irradiators. IDT provides users with real time dose rate and total dose information along with a searchable database which logs each irradiation cycle.  Irradiator Dose Tracker is a computer program which runs in conjunction with any Irradiator and can be programmed to control source operation.  This product comes complete with a PC and all the hardware needed for installation.  Irradiator Dose Tracker makes using any irradiator, along with all the accompanying calculations, as simple as possible.

Dose Tracker Features:

A.  Automatic Decay Correction of each Dose Rate,  Chamber Position, 
     Attenuator combination

B.  A database is established including each Irradiation Cycle, Time, Date,
     Batch#.    This database is accessible over the internet.

C.  A hard copy printout of each cycle can be programmed.


     1.  Total Dose to be delivered - The time required is provided.

     2.  Total Irradiation time -  The total dose delivered is provided.

     3.  Sample #  (If no sample # is input, one is automatically issued).

E.  Upon completion of each irradiation cycle, the following data is stored, and
     or printed:

     a. Device, s.n., source, s.n.

     b. Time, Date, Elapsed cycle time

     c.  Batch #

     d.  Total Dose Delivered
Irradiator Dose Tracker stores all the information of each irradiation cycle so users can view the irradiation history and compare older information with newer.  The units of measure and time are all interchangeable to meet the customers standards. 

More information is available by contacting Foss Therapy Services by email or phone.  Email:    Phone:  (626) 818 3880

GammaCell 40 equippedwith Irradiator Dose Tracker
Irradiator Dose Tracker in use