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Mark 1 Tower Upgrade
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Foss Therapy Services has recently added an new product to its lineup; the JLS&A Mark 1 Tower Upgrade.  This upgrade transforms the older technology of "manual raise" Mk 1 irradiators into the future with a high quality pneumatic system and a noiseless compressor.  The upgrade package also includes a new control panel.  The Irradiator Dose Tracker is an available option and makes storing and organizing your data effortless.  See the Dose Tracker page for more details on this product. 

The first 3 completed upgrade packages were sent out during 2010 and have achieved great results.  In each case the customer combined the tower upgrade with the Dose Tracker and basically has a brand new irradiator.  Pictures coming soon!

Mark 1 Tower Upgrade
Pneumatic and Electrical Systems

Mark 1 Tower Upgrade