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Foss Therapy provides a wide range of services for Blood Product Irradiators.  Ranging from refurbishment, relocation, service/maintenance to new sources, and decommissioning of older devices, we are able to accomodate virtually any of our customer's Blood Product Irradiator needs.  FTS, Inc. offers calibrations and dose mapping for a wide range of systems, including but no limited to GammaCell 1000 and 3000, Mark 1 series, Model 109 series, and the IBL 437 C.  Additionally, new and used machines as well as custom built devices are also available. 
Scroll down for photos and information on FTS's latest project with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.  Foss Therapy Services delivered three Model 109 CR Blood Product Irradiators each loaded with 4,000 Curies Cobalt-60.

CIS Model - IBL 437C

FTS Model 109CR
Installation at ARCBS, Brisbane

FTS Model 109 CR
Operating System with cover removed

FTS Model 109 CR
Tungsten Source Holder

Foss Therapy Services is pleased to announce a recent delivery of three FTS Model 109 CR Irradiators to the ARCBS.  As previously stated, each unit was loaded with 4,000 Curies of Cobalt-60, completely electro-mechanically refurbished, and delivered to the customer's door with 90 days of having received the order.  These Irradiators operate on a 24 volt D/C electrical system, mated to transformers for use in all countries/voltages.  Our re-engineered tungsten source holder improves delivered dose to the sample/chamber. Additionally, the Model 109 CR systems have been upgraded to allow for on-site source reloads.  FTS has also improved the unit's shielding, and external dose at one meter is less than 0.5 microsieverts.  These units are typically run up to 500 times a day with cycle times averaging in the 30 second range.


    Foss Therapy Services is currently expanding and would like to offer its services for all of your Blood Product Irradiator needs, including new sources and decommissioning of older units.