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Theratron T-1000
Theratron 780C
Theratron 780
Eldorado 78
JL Shepherd & Associates Mark 1 Model 30 Cesium 137 Irradiator
GammaCell 220 Irradiator

GE Maximar Superficial X-ray Unit
Jl Shepherd & Associates Model 109 C Cobalt 60 Irradiator
Jl Shepherd & Associates Model 28
Gammacell 200 Cobalt 60 Irradiator

Typical teletherapy  system refurbishment procedures.    All equipment  to be in 100% operating condition.

Specific conditions noted:

                   Replace ALL Treatment Table bearings

b.          Provide NEW sub-base for system installation 

c.                   REBUILT  Pneumatic source system, solenoids, air cylinder, hoses, etc. 

d.                  Replace all belts

e.                   Replace all light bulbs.

f.                    Inspect all gantry and source head bearings – replace all that do         not meet original manufacturers performance          specifications.   
                   Regrease all bearing assemblies.

h.                   New string on Treatment Table ‘tennis raquet”.

i.                     All cables to be inspected for continuity and replaced as necessary

j.                    All relay contacts to be inspected and cleaned or replaced as necessary.

k.                  All motors to be tested for 100% voltage and torque and replaced as necessary.

l.                    All solder contacts to be inspected and replaced as necessary

m.                New source drawer ‘rider rings’ to be installed

n.                  NEW source cable return spring unit

p.                  Tabletop is replaced with the FTS Carbon Fiber Patient Table.

o.                  All exterior metal is sanded, primed and repainted.

p.                  All cracks in ABS covers are professionally repaired and repainted to AS-NEW condition.

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