Foss Therapy Services, Inc.
Model FT-60 Track System
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The FTS Motorized Track System, first installed in 2009,  is one of the newest members in our line of custom products.  This system has already seen successful testing and installation.  It is a motorized system capable of moving a sample along an axis for experimentation and research testing.  The table of the FT-60 Motorized Track System is powered by three legs capable of lifting 85 kilos at total distance of over 50 centimeters vertically.

The Model FT-60 Motorized Track System is available in multiple lengths from 2 to 15 meters.  It is used with Teletherapy systems for research and experimentation purposes as well as instrument calibration.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center
FT-60 Installation

  The FTS Motorized Track System is composed of high grade aluminum bases that support the table which runs along stainless steel shafts.  The table is raised and lowered by three motorized legs.  The tabletop incorporates an x/y grid for precise positioning of sample, instrumentation, etc. A thin layer of hard-coated polycarbonate covers the aluminum tabletop to minimize scatter. 

FT-60 Motorized Track System

FT-60 Tabletop