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ASHF Series Nuclear Gauge
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The ASHF Series Gauging System is a projected beam, Cobalt 60 or Cesium 137,  radiation  system and is delivered with one source permanently installed in the shielded section of the unit.  Beam Collimator operation is via pneumatic operator; the tungsten collimator rotates from the fully shielded “OFF” position to the “ON” position in less than one second and returns in less than one second.   The collimator drive system is fully interlocked so that the port cannot be opened unless all interlocks are fully closed.

During all installation procedures, the beam port  is locked in the closed position and there is no possibility of accidental exposure to personnel.  Installation consists of location of the  Unit, complete operational and safety check of the unit, and personnel training.


ASHF Series Nuclear Gauge


Capable of holding up to 37 GBq (1 Curie) or 1961 GBq (53 Curies) of Cesium 137.

Rotating beam port manufactured to customer requirements. 

Pneumatic beam port control with emergency air OFF. 

System operates on 40 PSI air supply.

Standard External Radiation levels are 100 microSv/hr  (10 mR/hr)  @ 1 meter from surface of unit. 

Optional remote control panel with preset electronic timer.

Stand for unit included to meet customer beam height requirements.


ASHF Series Nuclear Gauge

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